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Book Review: Sammy Goes to Speech

I received a fantastic children's book in the mail and wanted to give you all some details about it! Sammy Goes to Speech is an uplifting story about a boy who has "lost" his voice and discovers it with the support of a speech pathologist. It is written by Marissa Siegel, a speech pathologist, and illustrated by Kat Taylor.

The Gist

Sammy and his mom search for his voice everywhere, but to no avail. He visits with a speech pathologist and works hard to find it. I won't ruin the book, but I'm sure you can guess that it has a heartwarming ending!

What Makes The Story Great

  • The storyline is clear, accessible, and relatable for young children (readers and non-readers alike)

  • The images are clean, simple, and engaging

  • It encourages children to persevere through challenges

  • It shows children that even though something may seem intimidating or daunting, with a little help from friendly faces, they can accomplish anything

  • It explains some activities that children might do during speech, which may make speech sessions a little more predictable and less threatening for "new kids"

Added Bonus

At the end of the book there is a "Tips" section and an "Activities" section. The activities section gives approachable and realistic ideas for parents. As a new mom, I've realized that some advice experts give is just impractical when parents are concerned about about napping and feeding schedules, baths, illnesses, changing, and tummy time. These activities are not only doable, but flow very easily into any time of day, even bath time!

For more information, check out the book on amazon, here.

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