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Meet Emily

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"Our son, age 12, has been working with Emily since he was in 2nd grade.  He has become a more confident learner and uses her tricks to be more detailed when he is talking and writing. When he started working with Emily, he was quiet and didn't raise his hand in class, even though he often knew what he wanted to say.  Now his teachers say he is the most outspoken kid in the class!"  -  Cindy 



"When we had a speech therapist come to the house a few years ago to help our daughter say her 'r', our daughter was miserable and would put a sign on her door that said "NO!!"  After we took a break, we found Emily, who made our daughter happy and confident and finally getting the 'r' thing! 

She's got an 'r'!!" -  Robert 



"Emily has been tremendously helpful with our daughter, age 12. She has taught her important skills and strategies which she will utilize throughout her life. This has in turn given our daughter greater confidence in her academic tasks."  -  Debbie 



"As an educator, I understand what children need for growth.  It is often a challenge for parents to appreciate that getting their child help as early as possible is the best way to ensure a positive future for them.  

Emily is the full package. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable and also has the ability to relate to the children and parents she works with.  She is patient with children, and their parents too.  She adapts her approach to fit the needs of the individual child. She is truly excellent -- she focuses on many different areas of speech, writing, articulation, reading and she makes sure learning is fun and engaging!  I recommend her highly and I believe any child would benefit working with her."

R. Silver


Emily Jupiter, M.S. CCC - SLP, ADHD-CCSP

Emily Jupiter is a licensed speech-language pathologist and member of the American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA).  She graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Educational Studies degree and received a Master of Science degree from New York University in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Additionally, Emily is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method for reading instruction, PROMPT therapy for articulation disorders, and Judith Hochman's Teaching Basic Writing Skills method.  Additionally, she is certified through the Institute of Certified ADHD Professionals and CHADD as a ADHD-CCSP, a specialist working with children who have ADHD and dyslexia.


Emily's primary focus is using techniques and strategies to improve the overall expressive and receptive language skills, and executive functioning skills of children ages 3-18 years old.  She strives to promote success and confidence by reinforcing strengths and building up areas where the child needs improvement.  Emily strongly believes that the use of effective study habits and organizational methods early in school, improves academic performance and promotes life-long learning for both children who have learning difficulties and children who do not have diagnoses.  


Emily was as a school-based speech-language pathologist for a decade at a school specailizing in supporting children with language-based learning differences, while also providing in-home remediation services.  She has worked with children of all ages who have a wide range of diagnoses and difficulties, including:




- Auditory processing disorders


- Dyslexia


- Expressive and receptive language disorders


- Mild to moderate autism spectrum disorders


- Phonological processing disorders





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