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Alphabet Aerobics, LLC. is dedicated to supporting your child in his or her achievement of language milestones and success in school.  At Alphabet Aerobics, LLC., we focus on techniques and strategies to improve overall the  expressive and receptive language, and executive functioning skills of children ages 3-18 years old. We specialize in supporting children who have ADHD, dyslexia, language-based learning disabilities, and expressive and receptive language disorders.


Children have a variety of strengths and difficulties, so we maintain a supportive and warm environment that encourages children to persevere through challenging tasks.  During our sessions, we strive to promote success and confidence by reinforcing strengths and building up areas where the child is in need of improvement. We focus on improving executive functioning and organizational skills that significantly impact how a child approaches new tasks in any school subject.  We provide tutoring services and executive functioning support for children of all ages in reading, writing, history, and English.  The use of effective study habits and organizational methods early in school, improves academic performance and promotes life-long learning.


Our location has changed.  We are now based out of Westport, Connecticut.  We provide services in the following areas virtually, at the child's home, or in our office in Westport, Connecticut.


          Elementary school and ISEE services click  here


          Language, Reading, and Writing services click here


          Executive functioning strategies, interview prep, and  ISEE tutoring  click here  


           Pragmatic language and social skills services click here





Reading Skills


- Trained in Orton-Gillingham Method™ for reading and phonics support

- Morphological approach for reading comprehension 

           -  Using roots, prefixes, and suffixes to determine the meaning of a word

- Reading comprehension strategies

- Strategies for highlighting and color coding important information

- Strategies for organizing paragraphs, essays and research papers

- Strategies for understanding stories and classroom-related texts


Expressive Language Skills


- Articulation via PROMPT Therapy™

- Expressive language organization

- Formulation of ideas

- Grammar and syntax

- Semantics

- Sequencing skills

- Vocabulary

- Word retrieval 

- Use of Judith Hochman's Teaching Basic Writing Skills ™ approach for written language



Receptive Language Skills


- Auditory processing skills

- Executive functioning strategies for understanding and organizing information

- Following directions

- Understanding questions

- Understanding verbal communication



Pragmatic Language Skills


- Social skills

- Understanding non-verbal language

- Understanding a listener's needs

- Using language for a variety of purposes



Tutoring Services: 


The Who:

We work with children of varying intellectual and learning abilities.  For instance, we support students who have been diagnosed with learning and language disorders, ADHD, and dyslexia, as well as students who just need a little additional reinforcement. Specifically, we work with students from schools such as New York City Public Schools, the Windward School, the Horace Mann School, the Stephen Gaynor School, the Hewitt School, Columbia Grammar School, Avenues: The World School, Trevor Day School, and the Trinity School.



The What:

In terms of what takes place during tutoring sessions, it depends on the needs of the student. Some students benefit from help with executive functioning tasks such as planning and initiating assignments, organizing homework, or planning a study schedule. Other students benefit from content specific support such as reading comprehension, note-taking and highlighting strategies to break down or simplify texts in social studies, science, literature, or writing.  



The How:

The most important part of any session is to make the material more interactive and enjoyable.  In order for students to understand, retain and remember information, the material should be active and interesting. We use a multi-sensory approach that incorporates videos, conversation, diagrams, individually designed graphic organizers, color-coding and specific questions to promote independent thinking. We believe that for maximum carryover, coordination with classroom teachers and use of classroom content is essential.



The ISEE and Interview Prep:

We work with students to improve their reading comprehension, testing strategies, and vocabulary in preparation for the ISEE.  Our students are also provided with a structured interview preparatory routine including dress code, interview behaviors, and sample interview questions. Our students have been accepted to and attended such schools as Poly Prep Country Day School, Grace Church School, Little Red Schoolhouse and Elizabeth Irwin High School, the Birch Wathen Lennox School, the Dwight School, York Preparatory Academy, the Hewitt School, the Masters School, Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, and the Browning School.


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