New article on the American Speech-Hearing Association website. Check it out!

Executive functioning—as related to schools—includes all self-management skills students need to succeed in a classroom. More specifically, it involves the ability to make goals, plan steps re...

Check out our post on the best games for language skills, as seen on the American-Speech Hearing Association website.

Games that Support Language and Reasoning Skills 

Parents of elementary and middle school children always ask me what they can do at home to carry o...

      I received a fantastic children's book in the mail and wanted to give you all some details about it!  Sammy Goes to Speech is an uplifting story about a boy who has "lost" his voice and discovers it with the support of a speech pathologist. It is w...

Executive functioning skills are the basis of learning in the classroom. These skills include: attention, focus, organization, prioritizing, and self-monitoring. 

Check out these informational resources about executive functioning.  

This is an article I developed for the American-Speech-Hearing Association. It was published on the ASHA Wire, but it now includes the very helpful graphic organizer. Check it out!  

Getting children to write over the summer can be quite a hurdle. When I went away...

Sorry, Kanye got control of our keyboard, but we're back now.

We have compiled a list of the top books you can gift to new parents that will last them until their children are preschool age and beyond!  These books are all specifically chosen because they target so...

Back-to-School Prep Step 2


More than Books:  

5 Things You Should Read to your Child



In this blog series, we will be featuring a total of 3 steps to help your child be back-to-school ready in no time!  Check back for a new step every week.



It is no surprise that...

The First Step for

Back-to-School Prep



In this blog series, we will be featuring a total of 2 steps to help your child be back-to-school ready in no time!  Check back for a new step every Tuesday!



When the summer first began, it felt like we had an eternity to do all...


Brain Drain Busters: The Ultimate List


This summer has been quite an active one already!  While we will be taking a break from blogging until August, we're sticking with the Alphabet Aerobics Speech tradition and creating an ultimate list so you can support your...


Brain Drain Busters:

Shaving Cream Sky Writing!


The Alphabet Aerobics Speech blog will be taking a cue from our corporate-minded friends and enjoying "Summer Fridays."  


However, don't fear!  We will continue to blog through the summer on Thursdays.

Stay tuned for to...

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